Helpful Questions and Answers

Find answers to your general questions about direct primary care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?
Direct primary care is a healthcare model focused on putting the patient first. That means treating you when you need it, never rushing through appointments, and being proactive with healthcare treatment plans. The doctor-patient relationship is just as the name suggests – direct. Direct primary care practices don’t accept insurance; rather we work directly with the patient. All your primary care needs are covered with an affordable monthly fee – there are no copays or coinsurance.
What sets Wellcare MD apart from other practices?
Our office will be limited to a smaller number of patients so we have the flexibility to be available when you need us for a visit, text, email, or call. Our focus is allowing you to develop an effective doctor-patient relationship. We will take as much time as we need to address every problem you have every time.
What happens after hours and on weekends?
Because illness and injury do not respect regular office hours, you may call your physician any day, at any hour. We also encourage texting and emailing for minor issues and questions. It’s how we do custom healthcare.
As a patient of Wellcare MD will I still need health insurance?
Yes. We recommend that our patients continue to carry a major medical plan to ensure financial help should hospitalization or referral to a specialist be necessary. We’re happy to refer you to insurance representatives who can help customize an insurance plan that fits your specific needs.
Does Wellcare MD accept health insurance?
No, Wellcare MD does not accept any health insurance. The current system comprised of rushed visits and brief encounters does not encourage development of the doctor patient relationship. Time is required to get to know patients and to understand their symptoms, context, fears, and concerns. This relationship is integral to providing exceptional care for the patient and your doctor will have as much time as needed to address every problem you have everytime.
How many patients will you be accepting?
About 600 patients will be enrolled per provider, and the slots are filling up quickly. That’s quite a difference from the 2,500 patients in traditional practices. Please do not wait until you need care to attempt to sign up, or we may not be accepting any more patients at that time. Sign up now!
How will I know if the doctors of Wellcare MD are right for me?
Schedule a free unconditional “meet and greet” visit to discuss your health care needs. It’s the only reasonable way to begin what, we trust, will be a long, productive, healthy relationship. Get in touch!
If I have Medicare, can I still join Wellcare MD?
Yes. You need only sign a waiver declaring that neither you nor your doctor will directly bill Medicare for our services. Medicare will still cover any laboratory testing, imaging, medications, referrals to specialists, or hospitalizations.
Is my membership tax deductible? Can I use my health savings account or health flexible spending account?

Annual membership fees are considered by our office to pay for your annual physical which is a qualified medical exepense and generally tax deductible. If needed for tax purposes, please ask for an invoice at the time of your physical if you will be paying up front for your fee for the year. If you would rather pay in monthly installments towards the cost of your annual physical and need a receipt for tax purposes, please request a receipt at the end of the year.  Consult your tax professional with any further questions as we cannot give individual tax advice.

What happens if I am hospitalized?

If you happen to be admitted to the hospital, the hospital will assign you a hospitalist to manage your care.  Our commitment is to help you avoid being hospitalized by early detection of disease and/or subtle signs that an existing disease state is worsening. In addition because you will always have access to your doctor via text, phone and email you can keep in contact about your case and your Wellcare MD doctor can help you advocate for yourself while in the hospital.  Wellcare MD doctors can see your records and chart while in the hospital so they can help answer any questions you may have along the way.  

Will I benefit from Wellcare MD if I don’t require frequent medical attention?
We all benefit from services tailored to our needs, and your health care should be no different. Your doctor will provide you with the care you need to optimize your health and reach your wellness goals. Your doctor will be available to answer questions about small things you wouldn’t think to reach out to the doctor about normally. At some point you will be sick or injured and need acute care. When that happens, you will have immediate access to your doctor who knows your complete personal health history and will take your circumstances into account when developing a treatment plan. We will do our best to keep you out of the ER. If we save you one ER visit, your yearly membership fee (possibly 2-3 years) will pay for itself.