Corporate Memberships

An innovative tangible benefit to offer your employees.

Frustrated by the rising costs of health benefits for your employees?

  • Consider changing to a less expensive high deductible plan and offer Wellcare MD as a tangible benefit so your employees have unlimited access to quality health care.
  • Fewer than 50 staff and not required to provide health insurance? Providing membership at Wellcare MD is a valuable health benefit that will give your employees highly personalized healthcare.
  • Keep your premiums from escalating by providing unlimited primary care as well as minor urgent care and therefore reduce claims against your policy.
  • Missing the old-time concept of a “company doctor”? Ask us about our programs tailored for your business.

Tangible, valuable benefits such as direct primary care help set your business apart to keep and attract quality employees. In addition, by providing Wellcare MD, your staff is more likely to stay healthy and stay on the job thanks to the preventative care that is inherent to our in-depth Doctor-Patient relationship. Your workforce will benefit from text and email access to address concerns quickly as well as same and next-day appointments.

As an employer you can pay part or all of the membership fee and we are happy to set up split billing to bill your employee for the balance.



Patient Age Monthly
18 - 44 $68.40
45 - 54 $77.40
55 - 64 $87.30
65 - 84 $97.20
85+ $107.10
Pay For Entire Year 10% discount off all members (nonrefundable)


Patient Age Monthly
3 - 25
With Adult Member
Pay For Entire Year 10% discount off all members (nonrefundable)


Corporate Enrollment

Send us the ages of your workforce for a custom corporate quote.

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