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Direct Primary Care is an innovative alternative in healthcare that is becoming more and more common throughout the nation. Check out these stories to see how DPC is providing healthcare the way it should be.

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AAFP: Direct Primary Care Is a Sensible Workforce Solution

Direct primary care (DPC) is widely acknowledged as a trending payment model that creates transactional efficiencies and reduces administrative burdens for primary care physicians. Unfortunately, a few myths have started to appear in the media about this model that must be dispelled. Read Article...

Yes,Direct Primary Care Does Benefit Patients With Chronic Health Conditions

For those who need a quick explanation of direct primary care, it works like a health care gym membership. Read Article...

The old-fashioned pay-as-you-go model for primary care is getting tested anew

It's called direct primary care, modeled after "concierge" medical practices that have gained prominence in the past two decades. In those, doctors ... Read Article

Direct Primary Care: Practice Distribution and Cost Across the Nation

Direct primary care (DPC) is a growing model used by family physicians and other primary care specialties aimed at delivering quality care at an affordable price. The model emphasizes ongoing and preventive care services, and third-party fee-for-service payments are abandoned. Instead, a periodic (usually monthly) fee is paid to the DPC physician to better reflect the ongoing patient relationship. The affordability of the monthly fee and the high patient and physician satisfaction have garnered national media attention from many news sources including Time,1Forbes, 2 the New York Times,3 and The Hill.4 This article clarifies terminology in part by analyzing practice self-descriptions, describes Medicare “opt out” and “split” practice data, provides an overview of the periodic fees practices have made publicly available on their websites, and presents other raw practice data in an effort to offer a national snapshot of the growing DPC movement.  Read Article...

Concierge medicine: Like having a doctor on speed dial

Wellcare MD is Concierge medicine for the common joe. There are similarities between Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine including text/email access and same or next day appointments. Read Article

Health Plan Rorschach Test: Direct Primary Care

DPC is a model of paying for primary care outside of insurance. Read Article

More Care Up Front for $54 a month

The New York Times reviews the novelty of Direct Primary Care. Read Article

Direct Primary Care Practices Bypass Insurance

This issue brief published by the California HealthCare Foundation describes the “landscape of DPC practices.” Read Article