Personal Memberships

Excellent healthcare and unlimited access for a flat monthly fee.

Membership Details

Wellcare MD has no hidden fees, copays, or coinsurance. For a flat monthly fee you get unlimited appointments as well as 24/7 text, email and phone access to your doctor. Appointments can be scheduled for the same or next day and will be set for as long or as short as you need. Membership benefits include monthly lunches featuring guest speakers to support your wellness plan. Discounts at partnering businesses enhance the value of your Wellcare MD membership. Members gain access to specially negotiated low cost lab work, prescriptions, and medical equipment.

Wellcare MD wants you to be healthy. In conventional practices the doctor only gets paid when you come in for an appointment. Through this innovative model you aren’t necessarily required to come in to the office for a simple refill and questions about most basic healthcare concerns can easily be addressed over text and email. We’re doing our best job if you aren’t coming to the office at all other than your annual Wellcare physical.



Patient Age Monthly
18 - 44 $76
45 - 54 $86
55 - 64 $97
65 - 84 $108
85+ $119
Pay For Entire Year 10% discount off all members (nonrefundable)


Patient Age Monthly
3 - 25
With Adult Member
3 - 25
Without Adult Member
3 - 25
Additional Child Without Adult Member
Pay For Entire Year 10% discount off all members (nonrefundable)