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Infant Circumcision

Many parents decide to circumcise their babies for health, religious, ethical, or cultural reasons. If you choose circumcision, Dr. Christine Liwanpo at Wellcare MD is available to perform the procedure for an additional fee.

Dr. Liwanpo utilizes the Plastibell technique. Every circumcision comes with a risk of bleeding or infection. However, Plastibell circumcision carries a lower risk of bleeding compared to other types. Parents tend to prefer this method over other options, and they're generally more pleased with the outcome.

The benefits of Plastibell circumcision even follow the baby into adulthood. Studies show that adults who have been circumcised have a lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases, penile cancer, and even urinary tract infections.

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Fee for Circumcision: $350 to be paid in advance via credit card or cash.

Infant boy having a wellcheck